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about us

The following are included under Nabaa Al-Saha Medical Services Company:

  • Al Zahraa General Hospital

    Al-Zahraa General Hospital is located in the Qatif Governorate (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The hospital provides medical services that include outpatient clinics, inpatients, and operations, in addition to emergency and intensive care, with a laboratory and an integrated radiology center.

  • Manarat Al Haramain Pharmacy

    Manarat Al Haramain Pharmacy was established to support the work of Al Zahra General Hospital. The pharmacy provides services to outpatients of Al Zahra General Hospital and also provides services to patients who bring their prescriptions from other hospitals.

  • Health Spring Company Branch

    The branch was established to carry out maintenance and cleaning services for Al-Zahraa General Hospital, as well as maintenance services for the hospital's housing. Maintenance includes services for electrical, air conditioning, gas, water, and sewage systems, as well as maintenance of electromechanical systems.

Our Vision

  • To be one of the best medical service providers in the Kingdom according to the highest quality standards

Our Mission

  • Commitment to providing integrated services of high quality through qualified cadres and using the latest technologies to ensure customer satisfaction

Our Values

  1. we are one team
  1. We started strong and continued with quality
  1. Our motto is honesty
  1. Transparency
  1. There is no limit to our creativity
  1. customers satisfaction is our goal
  1. Our dream of leadership
  1. It's for you and yours

The strengths and competitive advantages of our company

  1. An integrated management team with more than 36 years of operational experience
  2. Good financial stability and profitability
  3. An ambitious company that has the potential to help it expand through strategic planning and seizing opportunities
  4. Flexible strategy and plans in line with changes in the work environment with the use of indicators for measurement and improvement

company's strategy

  • Upgrading services according to the highest levels of quality, based on more than 36 years of experience
  • Increasing the company’s share in the services market by taking advantage of the strong growth in the Kingdom’s economy and in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which supports investment through unlimited support and the provision of loans
  • Developing and diversifying the company's sources of income through business expansion and improving its quality
  • Investing in national human resources
company's plans

The company is working on expanding in the field of medical care, as the company plans to open a hospital in Riyadh. The land on which the hospital will be built has been purchased. The company is working to complete the studies for the project. The company is also working on expanding its business in the field of medical maintenance and non-medical operation for others. In the field of pharmacies and medical distribution

The company's activities and the nature of its business

The company’s activities are represented in the medical operation of private and government hospitals, health facilities, and hospital-related activities. The company’s current activity is the operation and management of Al-Zahraa Hospital, Manarat Al-Haramain Pharmacy, and the Nabaa Al-Saha branch for the practice of maintenance work and the operation of buildings

Get to know our honorable board members

  • Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Ajroush

    Chairman of the Board

  • Mr. Nazir Al-Jishi

    Vice Chairman and CEO

  • Mr. Nayef Al-Jishi

    Board Member and Business Development Manager

  • Mr. Ali Al-Halili

    Member of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee

  • Mr. Ahmed Shahini

    Member of the Board